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The story behind 36 years of concrete pumping experience Supercrete is one of Australia’s largest and most established concrete pump dealers, the product of over 36 years of concrete pumping experience.

Maurie began his trade career as a diesel fitter before returning to college to study engineering. As an entrepreneur in concrete pumping in the early 1980s, construction companies sought his expertise for some of Australia’s biggest sites including the Gate Way bridge, Adelaide’s South Road, and Surfers’ Paradise iconic Q1 building.

Over that decade, Maurie rolled out and maintained concrete pumps for sites throughout Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea. Leaving the concrete pump engineering business, Maurie turned his attention to sales and service of concrete pumps, recently establishing Supercrete in Queensland. Maurie studied all aspects of his concrete pump range, arranging an inspection of the Samil Giant Heavy Industry Co. plant in South Korea.

Concrete Pumping Experts

Maurie provides expert advice about selecting the right concrete pump, suitable chassis and other aspects of concrete pumping other companies often overlook. Supercrete supplies high quality line pumps, boom pumps and trailer pumps at competitive prices for sites and businesses all over Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

His knowledge of concrete pumping machinery demonstrated Samil Giant’s commitment to quality and strict adherence to rigorous Australian Standards. We transport all Samil concrete pumps by sea, before assembly onto trucks at Supercrete’s yards in Brendale. Maurie’s attention to detail and experience with concrete pumping ensures every concrete pump Supercrete sells is of exceptional quality and durability.

Leading an equally passionate and experienced team, Maurie oversees concrete pump maintenance of the highest order, ensuring peak performance for the life of all concrete pumps, both old and new. When your business needs trusted advice from an expert in concrete pumping, look no further than Supercrete concrete pumps.

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