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A comprehensive range of concrete pump parts for maintenance and overhaul Supercrete Concrete Pumps is a proud distributor of concrete pump parts for all types of concrete pumps, ranging from line pumps, boom pumps, and trailer pumps. Supercrete understands equipment failures can cost business time and money. We supply new equipment, consumables and spare parts for your concrete pump, giving you peace of mind while out on the job. Our team can rush spare parts or consumables, such as oil filters or pistons, to your construction site in Australia, New Zealand or Papua New Guinea. Our qualified technicians are able to fit and repair your concrete pump, promptly and efficiently.

Extend the Life of Your Investment

Supercrete’s team has over 36 years of concrete pumping experience in both engineering and maintenance, and can make sure your concrete pump is in top condition for all applications such as high-rise construction, industrial construction or infrastructure. Supercrete supplies spare booms, pumps, and pipelines in preparation for certifications and overhauls. Ask us about our concrete pump maintenance services to extend the life of your investment.

Concrete Pump Spare Parts

Supercrete supplies and distributes spare parts for all types of concrete pumps, including line, boom and trailer pumps.

Concrete Pump Consumables

Need oil filter change? Supercrete carries a range of filters for concrete pumps along with other required consumables.

Concrete Pump Maintenance

Keep your concrete pump running at peak efficiency and performance with Supercrete’s expert concrete pump maintenance service.

Looking for affordably priced concrete pump spare parts and consumables?

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