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Competitive rates on concrete pump finance.

Trust Supercrete’s wealth of concrete pump experience to secure a great deal on concrete pump finance Supercrete Concrete Pumps offer competitive prices on all types of concrete pumps, from boom pumps, line pumps and trailer pumps. Using our network of equipment lenders, we can assist in securing flexible and cost-effective concrete pump finance for you or your business. Whether you’re after advice or a referral to a specialist heavy equipment lender that knows the concrete pump industry, Supercrete uses 36 years of trusted concrete pumping knowledge to help you gain the best deal.

Tailor Made Solutions

Supercrete preferred lenders cater to construction, giving you access to loan products such as chattel mortgages or hire purchases. In many cases, you may tailor repayments to your situation, such as seasonal businesses. Many financiers allow businesses to choose their loan term, opt for a balloon payment to offset periodic repayments, or borrow more than 100% of your concrete pump’s value to cover insurance and other costs. Chattel mortgages and hire purchase loan products give you an option to recoup some upfront costs by claiming GST, interest paid and depreciation on your next BAS statement.

Competitive Concrete Pump Loans

Using an extended network of lenders, we can help secure the most competitive concrete pump loan for your business.

Business Finance Advantage

Choose from chattel mortgages or hire purchases to maximise the benefits of your loan – choose from variable loan terms, 100% finance and more.

Trusted Knowledge & Experience

Our network of lenders work to give your business the lowest interest rates and the highest benefits for those who know the concrete pump industry.

If your business needs durable, reliable and high performance concrete pumping

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